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Here are some tricks that will help you use Cellulo at its full potential:
  • Keynote iconUse Cellulo to display your Keynote presentations. Just export them to PDF or QuickTime, Cellulo can handle both formats!
  • To directly open an item in full screen, hold the Option key while double-clicking it.
  • To add subtitles to an item, just drag the subtitle file onto it.
  • You can change the column order by moving their headers directly with the mouse.
  • Resize the movie window non-proportionally by holding the Shift key while resizing. Constrain it to multiple sizes by holding the Option key.
  • Resize the picture directly while in full screen mode: type w for full width, h for full height, o for original size and s for standard full screen mode. You can zoom with +/-. This can be used to remove black bars in movies.
  • Toolbar customize buttonCustomize the toolbar by clicking its rightmost button. Extra commands are available. Gain space by displaying only icons.
  • You can choose what columns are displayed for the current list by hitting Cmd-J or by choosing "Display Options" in the Edit menu.
  • The Return key opens the selected item.
  • Many keyboard shortcuts are available both in window and full screen mode. Click here to see them.
  • If you put the movie window near to a corner of the screen, it will always grow towards the center of the screen and shrink towards the corner (i.e. when loading an item with a different size).
  • You can drag and drop items from Cellulo to other software (such as the Finder or a CD burning software).
  • Even if you prefer the FFusion, 3ivx or any third-party codec for DivX playback, install the official DivX codec. Then you can choose your preferred codec in the Preferences, and it will still benefit from the DivX AVI Importer installed with DivX, so you won't have any trouble for playing back MP3 soundtracks.
Cellulo is donationware. You can proceed to a donation by clicking here.
Chat on the forums. Any topic welcome!
Frequently Asked Questions
Where does Cellulo save its library? I want to make a backup / to transfer it to another computer.
Frequently Asked Questions
When I play a DivX movie, I can't hear the sound.