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My Cellulo
Preferences buttonFine-tune Cellulo to suit your needs. The toolbar is fully customizable, and the Preferences provide you with settings that make life easier. Like whether an opened movie immediately begins to play or simply opens a window and waits for your orders. And a lot more.
For Professionals
Cellulo projectorCellulo is the perfect tool for professional presentations where you need to put together different kinds of documents: still images, movies, VR panoramas, PDF presentations, Flash animations, etc. What's more, if you want to be able to react quickly to your audience's questions or argumentation, Cellulo allows you to easily jump to any file on multiple-screen configurations. Actually, Cellulo is used in courtrooms for big screen presentations.
For Mac OS X
Easy, powerful and intuitive. Cellulo has what makes Mac software unique. Drag and drop, undo/redo, smooth Aqua interface, toolbar, Dock menu, contextual menus, you have it all in Cellulo. And upcoming developments include scriptability using AppleScript.
You set the price
Cellulo is donationware, which means that you pay what you want and if you want. Please consider making a donation, especially if you're using Cellulo for business. Your payment will be securely handled by Kagi, a third-party company.
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You can choose what columns are displayed for the current list by hitting Cmd-J or by choosing "Display Options" in the Edit menu.
Resize the movie window non-proportionally by holding the Shift key while resizing. Constrain it to multiple sizes by holding the Option key.
MacWorld 4-mouse rating
Cellulo was awarded a 4-mouse rating by Macworld magazine.