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Play buttonCellulo is based on QuickTime which is an essential part of the Mac OS X technologies, and nothing less than today's most powerful multimedia architecture. Therefore, Cellulo inherits from QuickTime's reliability, speed and versatility. As a result, you can open a wide range of files such as MPEG-1, MPEG-21, MPEG-4, DivX1, XVid1, QuickTime, H.264, DV, Flash, BMP, TIFF, PDF, MP3, AAC... And as QuickTime evolves, Cellulo does!
Gotta play'em all
Library iconDo you like iTunes® playlists? You'll love Cellulo! Use drag and drop to organize your media files the way you like and browse through them more easily than ever.
Home theatre
Full screen buttonCellulo brings full-screen video to your Mac. We mean, real full-screen. Macs come with good screens, so why should you have to stand those black bars around your favorite movie and watch it no larger than in a window? Resize your media in real-time and get rid of them. There's no re-encoding. You don't even have to leave full-screen mode.
Subtitles & more...
Information buttonEach media file in Cellulo has its own information panel. You can browse through individual tracks, activate or deactivate them, and get or set all the information you need. Cellulo can also import subtitles from the most popular file formats and have them displayed over the movie. No setup required, just drop your subtitle file and watch the show.
It's a not so small world
KatakanaAre you Japanese? Central European? Korean? Chinese? Algerian? Your way of writing is not only beautiful, it's also a major part of your culture. The world isn't made of roman characters. So stop using them because you have to, and make it a choice. Cellulo is fully compatible with international text encodings: file and playlist names, subtitles, you can have them all displayed the way you like. The way you prefer.2
1 These formats require additional codecs. An MPEG-2 codec is being sold by Apple and several DivX/XVid codecs are freely available.
2 Ancient aegyptian hieroglyphs are not fully supported.
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Resize the movie window non-proportionally by holding the Shift key while resizing. Constrain it to multiple sizes by holding the Option key.
You can change the column order by moving their headers directly with the mouse.