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This is a known issue and a patch should be released shortly. What you can do to avoid this crash is to install and launch Cellulo 2.0.0 beta once. Then, you can remove it and launch Cellulo 2.0.1.
Cellulo can read MicroDVD (SUB, MDVD) files, SubRip (SRT) files, SAMI (SMI, SAMI) files, SubStation Alpha (SSA) files, TMPlayer (TMP) files, and Subviewer 1 & 2 files.
Because 1/ Cellulo can't read files at that format, 2/ Cellulo isn't fully compatible with that format, or 3/ your file is not a text-based subtitle file (try to drop it onto StuffIt Expander to see if it's compressed).
In any of the above cases, send me a mail with the subtitle file attached. If the file size exceeds 200 KB, please ask first!
Download and install the DivX.com codec, and optionally the FFusion codecs and the 3ivx codec. If you install more than one DivX codec, Cellulo allows you to choose which one to use (go to the Preferences). IMHO, this is a great feature! :-)
Most XviD movies can be played back if you have a DivX compatible codec installed. The other ones require a QuickTime component you can download here.
Absolutely. This is possible since Cellulo 2 thanks to an AppleScript application distributed with Cellulo. You can even modify the script to suit your particular needs.
Easy: first open your movie in a window, then place the window on the right screen, and finally switch to full screen mode!
The library (including all playlists and settings made using the information drawer) is the file named Library in the folder Cellulo of the folder Application Support of the folder Library of your home directory.
You Mac is slow (sorry). For DivX files, try installing the FFusion codecs (leave the official codec installed and choose the FFusion codec in the Decompressor Preferences). They seem to be faster than the other.
This is a known limitation. Unplug additionnal monitors or disable custom geometry. It may also be solved in a future version.
Install the official DivX.com codec. If you still can't hear the sound, your movie likely has a WMA or AC3 sound track. You can find an AC3 codec here. About WMA, this topic is sometimes discussed in the 3ivx forums, you'll find some tricks there to read WMA sound tracks on the Mac.
Cellulo itself doesn't decode any format (except subtitles... if you want more subtitle formats, drop me a mail). It uses QuickTime to play files. If you want to be able to play a particular file format, find the appropriate QuickTime codec.
No, QuickTime isn't a bad format. QuickTime isn't even a video format. A QuickTime file simply (and powerfully) embeds multimedia tracks at various formats and ensures their synchronization during playback using Apple or third party codecs (compressors/decompressors). For example, a QuickTime file can contain an MPEG-4 video track, a text track and an MP3 sound track. QuickTime is much more powerful than its Microsoft and RealMedia competitors (hence the adoption of its technological underlyings for the official MPEG-4 ISO specification). So, by using QuickTime, I can be sure that Cellulo will benefit from all future evolutions of this great architecture. About codecs, they're a great advantage, too: like plug-ins, just install them, and all of your programs based on QuickTime get new features.
I'm working on this. Hey, real DVD players do this when they switch sides or layers ! :-)
Drop me a mail about it after having verified that it's not already on my to-do list.
Sorry, there won't. Cellulo is being developed using the Mac OS X Cocoa API which isn't and will never be available under any of these operating systems.
Cellulo is donationware. You can proceed to a donation by clicking here.
Chat on the forums. Any topic welcome!
To add subtitles to an item, just drag the subtitle file onto it.
If you put the movie window near to a corner of the screen, it will always grow towards the center of the screen and shrink towards the corner (i.e. when loading an item with a different size).