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What is a donationware?
A donationware a is software for which you set the price. You give to the author what you think his software is worth. Zero if you want.
So why should I pay?
I will give you a few reasons, you may find others:
1/ You want to encourage me. I must admit that I sometimes wonder why I'm spending hours adding a feature which I'll never use. Or why I'm translating every version into English (I'm French). There are several reasons, and money is one of them. (Well, if it were the only one, I would have stopped developing Cellulo a long time ago...)
2/ You think it's fair that I get money for my work.
3/ I have expenses for developing and distributing Cellulo: backup media, domain name, phone internet access (in France, you pay for the time you stay connected), ink, paper, pizza, Schweppes tonic...
4/ You use Cellulo professionally. So I help you make money. So I deserve some, too ;)
OK. So how do I pay?
Kagi handles the whole secure process. To proceed to the payment, click here.
Cellulo is donationware. You can proceed to a donation by clicking here.
Chat on the forums. Any topic welcome!
Frequently Asked Questions
I have multiple screens. How do I choose where the full screen projection happens?
Frequently Asked Questions
Where does Cellulo save its library? I want to make a backup / to transfer it to another computer.